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Meet The Hype Marketing Strategist


"One person taking a leap of faith can impact generations!"

Meet Melanie

The Hype Marketing House was founded by Melanie Druery Allen, lovingly known as “The Hype Strategist.”

Sixteen years ago, Melanie began her marketing career by leveraging her skills to grow her family’s tire business to a thriving operation. 

Fueled by her family’s strong bonds and a commitment to building generational wealth, Melanie now inspires and guides women to building their own online empires, all while raising her six children.

MeLanie of MDA Marketing Agency is awesome!! She is a great mentor and very knowledgeable. I'm in her Quarter 1 Push group. I also paid for the mentoring program. The tools and knowledge I have received is worth more than I paid for.... MDA Marketing Acency hands down great agency to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with them as my business grows.


I invested into MeLanie Druery Allen “Mastermind Marketing Group”. And when I say the best investment so far for my brand. I have learned sale strategies, how to define my target audience, how to market my business on social media, what kind of content to post, and different lead magnets,etc. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and honest. She has helped me build my confidence about being a business owner and encouraged me to meet my monthly business goals. I highly recommend her to get you right for your business. You will not be disappointed.


When I tell you she literally took me by the hand!!!!! She’s so informative and knowledgeable on helping new business owners! She helped me identify who my target audience is and how to speak to them!!!!!! Thank You so much for everything!


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From “Rise & Grind” to Generational Wealth

Now, as the CEO of The Hype Marketing House, Melanie’s mission is to help women bridge the wealth gap by leveraging the power of collaboration marketing to create demand through the most lucrative selling platforms online.

Since opening the doors of The Hype Marketing House, she has gone on to grow her clients’ service- and product-based businesses to $100k, $300k, and even over $1 million in annual revenue.

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