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Hype for the Right Stage of Your Business

Hype up your sales Product Spectrum

Not Selling Any Product?

Maybe you’ve been looking for that perfect product everyone will rave about. Maybe you’ve amassed a product suite that has your head spinning. 

Well, girl, I’m here to tell you that it’s not about quantity. If you want to move product consistently and with ease, it’s all about creating that seamless customer journey through your products. 

That’s what we at Hype Marketing House call a Hype Product Spectrum.

In the Hype Product Spectrum Analysis, we’ll meet to strategize your target audience, website audit, social media growth plan , sales and conversion audit and your Hype Product Spectrum & Mix. 

By the end of your Hype Product Spectrum Analysis, you will be able to easily determine which product should be your top-of-funnel feature, as well as how to nurture your customers through buying more products that will serve their needs while building customer loyalty.

It’s time to stop sitting on a stash of products you can’t sell! 

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The 5 Major Mistakes Product-Based Businesses Make

And How to Fix Them Before It’s Too Late!

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Not Selling Any Product?

› Identify your target audience through demographics and psychographics

› Spot and close any gaps in your product spectrum over the evolution of your business

› Properly price your products

› Define and strengthen your brand, including your aesthetic, messaging, and alignment

› Master your marketing mindset and build a habit of income-producing activities

› Choose your go-to-market strategy

› Post with purpose to build your online hype and attract your tribe

› Leverage the power of email marketing to hype up your leads

› Incorporate collaboration marketing into your growth strategy

› Avoid the most common product marketing mistakes from the jump

› Stay motivated and serve as your own hype woman in your business!


Once you know what your Hype Product Spectrum & Mix looks like, it’s time to start hyping up your audience, y’all! 

Product awareness will only take you so far. To grow your business to six-figures and beyond, you need to master the art of creating product demand.

During the 8-week Hype Incubator, you’ll learn how to:

The Hype Incubator


Melanie was very helpful. She helped me find my target audience and my brand voice. If you want to take your business to take level book.


I Love Melanie. I value that she is real with me and wants me to win at all cost. she pushes hard because she cares and always looks out for her clients. I am striving for my goals this year and know that I will make it because of her.


MDA Marketing Agency takes pride in their work. As an entrepreneur I truly believe they care about the growth of my business.

“Hella Hype” Done for you Marketing services

Ready to crank it up?!

You’ve mastered your Product Spectrum & Mix and you know your brand and marketing strategy pathways that will carry you to that sweet six-figure goal! 

Now it’s time to crank up the volume and create major buzz about your brand! 

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“Hella Hype!” Done For You Services is an advanced program for those who are ready for major visibility and massive success. 

› Prepare your Marketing, Sales & Collaboration Strategy 

› Create your unique brand content for publishing
  on social media

› Design your Growth, Closing & Follow-Up Strategy

›Launch & Manage your Email Marketing, Content, Advertising & Collaborator Outreach activity. 

› Celebrate as we watch the deals roll in and 
create hella hype in your business while we manage your brand. 

If you’re done playing small and ready to start making your long-awaited dreams come true, then you’re ready for Hella Hype Done for you services.