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Welcome to

The Marketing House for Women owned Brands


Get the marketing and growth strategy that will allow you to finally

✓ Reach those goals
✓ Break those chains
✓ Transform the quality of
    your life & the lives of those you love!

The Hype Marketing House has grown!

A Hair Product Business from $300/month to consistent $8,500 months

A Fitness Business from “Should We Close?” to
6-Figures in
1 Year

A Beauty Business from launch to $100,000 
in 1 Year

Get Hyped Up with The Hype Marketing House’s Growth Path

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It’s time to stop sitting on a stash of products you can’t sell, y’all!
In the Hype Product Spectrum, we’ll meet to strategize your target audience, website audit, social media growth plan , sales and conversion audit and your Hype Product Spectrum & Mix. 

By the end, you'll be able to easily determine which product should be your top-of-funnel feature, and how to nurture your customers through buying more products that will serve their needs while building customer loyalty.

Hype up your sales Product Spectrum

Spectrum Analysis

Once you know what your Hype Product Spectrum & Mix looks like, it’s time to start hyping up your audience! 

Product awareness will only take you so far. To grow your business to six-figures and beyond, you need to master the art of creating product demand.

By the end of your 8 weeks in the Hype Incubator, you’ll see your business completely transform — from your sales and marketing processes to your audience’s hype for your brand!

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The Hype Incubator

Create Product Demand

You’ve mastered your Hype Product Spectrum & Mix and you know your brand and marketing strategy pathways that will carry you to that sweet six-figure goal! Now it’s time to crank up the volume and create major buzz about your brand!

“Hella Hype!” Done for you services is an advanced program for those who are ready for major visibility and massive success.

If you’re done playing small and ready to start making your long-awaited dreams come true, then you’re ready for Hella Hype!

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“Hella Hype!” Done for you services

Generate Brand Buzz

“Marketing gets a bad rEp. People think it’s all about ads and sales, but really it’s about claiming your path and hyping up your own greatness so that you can improve your quality of life and build generational wealth on your own terms!”

Melanie Druery Allen

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MeLanie has tried and true methods that help engage and improve your marketing efforts. I have truly enjoyed working with her. Public service announcement - if you're looking to uncover incredible marketing strategies, with MeLanie and MDA Marketing Agency!!

Melanie is a awesome coach and mentor and her courses are phenomenal!! She breaks down EVERYTHING in detail so you can understand and apply to get results. Melanie gives 110% when she is coaching and through her courses. I would book her over and over again because she is just that good and passionate about what she does. I HIGHLY recommend her to you, and anyone else you know that needs results in their business!!! Melanie has helped so many people get results in their business and make money!


Melanie absolutely, positively knows marketing!! She is a genius as it relates to tailoring strategies to fit your business. It does not matter what goods and services you offer, she has a keen ability to provide you with knowledge and tips to take your business to the next level. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be educated by her.


Meet Melanie Druery Allen

The Hype Strategist

The Hype Marketing House was founded by Melanie Druery Allen, lovingly known as “The Hype Strategist.” 

Fueled by her family’s strong bonds and the memory of her grandfather — a tenacious, determined man inspired by the desire to give his kids opportunities and who took the leap of faith to follow his dreams and start a family business — Melanie now inspires and guides women to building their own online empires, all while raising her six children.